Let Us Wash Away Your Worries


We are all attracted to clean images. Whether it’s a building or a sign. Give your property a professional clean and boost its visibility. We believe there is something reaffirming about a cleaner look, and your clients will agree.

Our Soft Washing Technique can also be an alternative to painting or other expensive renovations. Give us a chance to renew what is already there before you call another contractor. We will make your building sparkle like new.


Buildings are not made to withstand the kind of PSI being applied with a high-pressure unit. Water can end up inside your business, which leads to more damages. A simple clean could lead to an expensive mistake.


Water can potentially surge through any wood frames or siding, leading to interior damage of the building including electrical wiring. Old brick and mortar also poses a risk. High pressure water can push through the mortar, entering the building and causing major problems.

Windows are not sealed well enough to handle the abuse of a high-pressure system. The pressure is great enough to bust a double pane of glass or easily shred a screen.

Water alone does not remove mold, mildew, algae and other fungus. The water only pushes it away, but soon enough your problems will return and probably worsen.


Water damage exhausts your most valued resource, and that is time. The amount of time spent fixing the problem will lead to your business closing for a stint, and you losing more money. Trust us first for your peace of mind.

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Areas We Serve

Wilmington area including:

  • Carolina Beach
  • Oak island
  • Ocean Isle
  • Southport
  • Holden Beach

Burlington area including:

  • Greensboro
  • Chapel Hill