Let Us Wash Away Your Worries


A clean deck looks pristine and is the perfect place to relax, eat or entertain. Deck’s add value to your home, so make sure yours is eye catching. Wood is very porous, and it easily stains. Dirt and other matter sticks to the planks, making your outdoor place of comfort dirty and unappealing. Our technicians are trained to clean your deck properly, while making sure to leave all other aspects of your property intact.


We first evaluate your property to see what is needed. Once we have determined our course of action, we use the right tools to provide a safe and quality clean that is 100% guaranteed. If your deck is in ill-repair, then we will recommend our Soft Washing Technique. This uses low-pressure water to get the job done, but does not destroy any surrounding property. We use gentle cleaning agents to help accomplish our goal, and they also kill and remove any fungus.


Not every deck is made of wood, and some wooden decks include metallic components that can rust. Rust cannot be removed by water or bleach, and in fact those two elements worsen the problem. Our technique uses cleaning agents that removes rust. Rust stain removal should be done by experts, because each instance offers a different level of difficulty. Triad Power Wash technicians are trained to make the right decision, and clean your deck properly.

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Areas We Serve

Wilmington area including:

  • Carolina Beach
  • Oak island
  • Ocean Isle
  • Southport
  • Holden Beach

Burlington area including:

  • Greensboro
  • Chapel Hill