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Most home owners have the perception your house can handle some water, but beyond rain that is not true. High-Pressure Units can blast water between soffits and facia boards, then run down your interior walls causing mold, soaking furniture, carpet and anything else. It can also end up in your attic. Water logged insulation can cause harmful mold to your family and pets.

Unfortunately, many are unaware that there are different types of equipment meant for different types of surfaces and without the proper training one can easily damage decks, walkways, and house siding.


This is one of the biggest concerns for a house when pressure washed by an inexperienced user. If your home is made with a wood frame (any type of wood siding), there is a definite chance of water being launched into the siding which can soak through wall cavities, flooring, wiring, insulation and plaster, costing your family thousands in repairs and renovations.

High power units (typically what you get when you rent a personal power washer) are 9 out of 10 times identified with wheels attached to it. These can be bought from most box chain stores. Don’t underestimate the damages that can be easily caused by the wrong equipment! To save your home structure from water damage, our low pressure Soft Washing Technique should be used.


High PSI pressure washers are not gentle to siding! Siding is not 100% waterproof and does not withstand the blasts of water. This makes it very easy to damage or knock loose any siding, which will lead to more repairs for your home.


Pressure washing old brick and mortar is not advisable because of its soft nature compared to the modern version. Mortar that is decades old can be loosened then blasted away, causing major damage that is costly. The damage will always be more expensive than what it costs to pay a professional.


As you can probably imagine, windows and window seals cannot handle the abuse of high pressure. Not only can the window seals leak leading to mold and rotting, but screens can easily end up shredded or otherwise destroyed. High, powerful jets of water can also bust the double pane on windows.


Mold, mildew, algae and other fungus CAN NOT be removed with water alone. Water simply pushes around the grime and the underlying problem is not solved. Think of it as painting over rust, the problem is still there but no longer visible to the naked eye. The same concept applies when you use just water. It pushes the mold, mildew and other fungi into small crevices. The dirt and grime will reappear soon.

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